Backing up your footage and files should be on top of your things to do whenever you finish a shoot.  The standard procedure is to plug in the SD card to your computer and simply drag all the files to your Internal/External Drive.  This is a proven and simple solution to Backing up your footage but when it comes to redundancy and Media Protection, this is as bad as working on your SD card to EDIT. 

NAS stands for Network Attached Server.  You can set up as small as 2 Drives/ RAID1 up to RAID 10 which takes up multiple drives ( minimum 3 drives).  After set-up, which usually requires lots of reading and waiting, you can then use your NAS as a regular external storage but one that is connected to the internet, meaning you can access your files or send links to the files to your clients and editors. 

The best part about this setup is, the RAID setup will save your ass when a drive fails. Your files will not be lost if there’s a corrupt drive or any drive failures.

What are you waiting for?  Set up your own in-house server today!